MAY 21, 2018

Dear Heketi Families,

We are busy assessing our students' growth in reading, writing, and math. I am sure that many of you have heard about these tests from your children. Although Heketi has never been the type of school that stresses children through the use of tests, we do use them in ways that help us make decisions about our curriculum and instruction.

The ultimate purpose of assessment is to support and enhance student learning. Every student is a complex individual with a broad spectrum of abilities, skills, and knowledge. Assessments provide the entire learning community -- students, parents, and teachers -- with feedback, which shows understanding and lets teachers reflect on their work so that they can improve instruction. Assessments must be ongoing, unbiased, and designed to meet the needs of our learning community.

We know that the results of standardized tests, such as the New York State exams, do not measure all of our students' successes. Only informal and formal classroom assessments can provide a clear picture of individual learners. Our goal is to use data from assessments to inform instruction. Teachers then use the information to create opportunities for student growth.

Please be sure that your child reads at home every day!

In education,

David R. Rosas