School Spotlight: Heketi Charter School

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Heketi was featured in SUNY Charter Schools Institute’s Summer 2016 Newsletter. Here’s what they had to say:

Heketi’s mission is to provide an exceptional educational solution through an integrated educational design with high expectations, extensive academic and social-emotional support, and a high level of family and community engagement. The school strives to live out its mission each day by incorporating its goals into the fabric of its school culture—from the name of each classroom (each means “one” in a different language) to the curricular units of study.

Outside of student development initiatives, families are invited to be active participants in the school’s Family Engagement Committee, an active group of families who lead various events and programs for students throughout the year. Families are invited into their children’s classrooms on the first Friday of every month to monitor their learning, see a slice of the school day, and volunteer around the classroom.  The remaining Fridays, families join for a community meeting where students present the school’s guiding principles and classroom projects, sing and dance, and take on public speaking roles.

A hallmark of the Heketi curriculum is its dual language program, where students learn in both English and Spanish, and honor the cultures present in each classroom.  Classroom libraries are lined with culturally-relevant and culturally-diverse literature in order for students to see themselves, their history, and their value in the school’s curriculum.

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