APRIL 23 24, 2018

Dear Heketi Families,

One change in routine can impact the entire day! As you can tell, I am a day late with my newsletter. I usually follow my beginning-of-the-week routines on Mondays. Yesterday, I skipped some of these routines since I worked on something else. Everything snowballed until this point of the day on Tuesday when I am back to writing. I apologize for my delay. 

As my calendar continued to remind me to work on the weekly newsletter, I started to think about how important routines are for all of us, including our children. In our classrooms, we spend weeks at the start of the school year building and refining our classroom routines. Throughout the school year, these routines allow teachers to focus on teaching without having to repeat where the pencils are kept or how to clean up after eating the day's snack. As educators, our goal is to support our students' independence so that they continue growing even when we are not around.

What routines do you use at home? Which ones have been most helpful? Do your routines change as your child grows? Below you will find a link to one mom's approach to creating after-school routines. 

Please be sure that your child reads at home every day!

In education,

David R. Rosas


Routines provide a structure for children that is predictable and constant. As adults, we may not think about brushing our teeth or preparing something to eat, but these may be challenges for younger children. Older children may know how to do these things but still benefit from having a routine that they have to follow to complete these tasks. 

You may hear your child's teachers talk about routines for reading at home and getting to bed on time. We bring these items up so that our student connect home and school: both have important routines that make living and learning easier. Although each family's home is unique and special, routines can enhance what already happens normally by placing responsibilities on children. 

For ideas about creating after-school routines, please read about one mom's experience and tool to meet this goal.